Nationwide Football Annual 2009


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Stuart Barnes




Aug 7 2009



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Stuart Barnes

SportsBooks has published the Nationwide Football Annual for the second year, having taken it over from Harper Collins in 2008, when it changed sponsors from the News of the World to the World’s biggest building society.
This year’s edition has a profile of England manager Fabio Capello from Mick Dennis, the Daily Express football correspondent, as well as being crammed with information no football fan (or pub quiz team fot that matter) can be without; from team line-ups to international results; from international appearances and goalscorers to the sort of trivia to keep a pub quiz in questions for half a century.
?The book contains everything anyone can possibly need to know about the beautiful game – league and non-league – in Britain, Ireland and throughout Europe. The publication of the annual – now in its 123rd edition and known as the pocket encyclopedia of soccer – is a major event in the football calendar.
?Included are: results from the 2008/2009 season (including domestic and European cup competitions and international matches involving British teams); full fixture lists for the 2009/2010 season; all major European and world football awards; a day-by-day diary highlighting the season’s biggest stories; players and their appearances for each and every league club.