Fitba Gallimaufry


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Adam Scott




Oct 10 2006



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Adam Scott

Adam Scott is a writer and freelance journalist. In a varied career, he has worked for The Independent, Time Out, The Evening Standard, Midweek and the BBC.
As a reviewer and columnist he has written on such varied subjects as football, music, theatre, movies and travel.
He was born in Edinburgh but now lives in London with his wife Karen.

This book supplies the answer to the question: “Who has played football for Scotland and cricket for England?” Answer at bottom.
Scottish football writer Adam Scott, The Independent and Time Out among others, has collected together the fruits of a life-long obsession with Fitba (Scottish for football!).
Gallimaufry is a noun meaning hotchpotch, a jumble or a confused medley. Pronounced ‘galli-may-fri’ it has its origins in French. The book contains gems like the fact that Bovril, traditionally the drink of the terraces, was invented by a Scot for Napoleon’s army. Also that Kilmarnock’s most recent claim to fame was winning the Pie of the Year trophy in 1996. (And there is a recipe in the book just in case they’ve sold out or someone has eaten them all).
And did you know that on the day Arbroath beat Bon Acord 36-0 – which as every schoolboy knows is the highest score in a first class match – Dundee Harp (a forerunner to the modern Dundee United) battered Aberdeen Rovers 35-0? Dundee’s captain Tom O’Kane sent a telegram to his former club Arbroath to gloat about the score, little realising what Abroath had done on the same day.
This is the ultimate book on Scottish football, both for the casual fan and the obsessive. Plus it is a must for compilers of pub quizzes.
Answer: Denis Law and Geoff Boycott; Kenny Dalglish and Freddie Flintoff. Read the question again.